My name is Ellie of @ellie_living_healthy, an instagram page I started just over a year ago documenting my journey to a healthier fitter me!

I am totally blown away by how this has taken off and overwhelmed at all the followers and kind comments I receive every day. I have now started this website mostly to put up my favourite recipes, things I have learned, review and the odd interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

How much a year can change things. This time last year I thought I was leading a pretty healthy life, however I had terrible eczema, tummy pain and bloating almost every time I ate. Also I couldn’t cook, at all!

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I had just got an iphone and downloaded the instagram  app, I can’t remember what I searched for first but I  soon discovered this amazing community of healthy, fit,  inspiring girls with glowing skin and amazing women  who had healed themselves from the inside out. I slowly realised I had been doing it all wrong and I was  determined to see if this could work for me, and Ellie Living Healthy was born. 

My first big change was my diet. Before, I fell into the  trap of low calorie, low fat and lots of sugary yogurts and  ready meals. I learned to cook slowly, testing out my  creations on my long  suffering boyfriend. I  learned what a super  food was and about healthy fats. I learned which foods would be filled with goodness and nutrients both my skin and gut were craving.

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Slowly, over time my eczema cleared up. My skin became less dry and scabby and more glowing. I have gone part way to healing my gut, I no longer get tummy cramps after every meal, and I stay fuller for longer after eating. I feel more confident in my own skin and about my body, but most importantly I am giving my body the food it needs to function and as a result I have more energy and a much more positive attitude towards life.

I then changed my workouts from hours of cardio to focus more on resistance training. This is when I really started to see the changes I wanted in my body. I have discovered yoga and rediscovered my love of Pilates along the way. I noticed a reduction in my stress levels too. 

I love the healthy lifestyle I live now, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the odd glass of wine or dinner out with the girls, it just means that where I can, I make healthy choices and I make as much of my food from scratch as possible. I really feel it is all about balance and making small changes that fit into your life and that can become permanent.

Since starting my blog in May June 2015 it has evolved and changed with me as a person. I used to feel it could only be filled with food and fitness related content. Now I feel that I can use this space to write about everything me. My life is more than food and fitness and so I have begun to branch out including all kinds of content. Fashion, events, books and so much more. Now I would class it as a lifestyle blog with a heavy fitness slant. I love writing this and I hope you will find something you like to read. 


So please have a look around, read the blog and come find me on social media. @ellie_living_healthy on instagram @elliehealthy on twitter. 

I would love for you to contact me if there is anything you would like to ask, or if you have any suggestions/requests for future posts.



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