How to brighten up every day

  Joy and happiness seem to be that elusive thing we are all on the hunt for nowadays. I often hear people saying ‘if I do X I will be happy’ or ‘if only I was more like Y’. It is sad that now we are looking to external influences to be happy or to

How to stay healthy in the office

We all know that staying ‘healthy’ is a challenge. Especially in the office where the biscuits and cakes seem to run wild. I mean what even is ‘healthy’ anyway. It seems to change every day. For me it means eating one biscuit not the entire packet (every day!) So here is how I go about

A new productivity technique

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am a serious procrastinator. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this post.  When I posted this I was really struggling with my procrastination problem. I had banned myself from the flat and set up in Wholefoods for some lunch and to try and GET

3 books I read on holiday

Anyone else love a good holiday read? This is very off topic for me but I often end up talking about holiday reads with my girlfriends or at work when people are going away. I am also one of those people who takes twice as many books as one is able to realistically read on

Working out while on holiday

I know the summer is coming towards the end and many people will have already been off on their summer holidays. Hopefully though some of you will still have some holidays to come and will be able to make use of this post! While we were away we had a rule of trying not to

The Food Medic book review

Every time you think Hazel Wallace can’t get any more impressive, she does! This time it is bringing out a book. She combines simple, no-nonsense nutritional science with recipes and workouts. Could she have packed more in if she tried? This book is also super personal, it begins with her journey and if you follow

5 Favourite ways to workout at home

Summer is hear and we are all in pursuit of that summer body which we feel fabulous in. However I still have those days where I don’t want to leave the house to workout. Maybe it is raining, maybe i’m having a lazy day. If that resonates with you, I have got you covered! Read

Want to eat healthy?

It is the start of the summer and you probably want to eat healthy? Sound familiar? Well here is how? Start off by sitting back for a moment and just taking stock? What are you currently eating and drinking during the day? What are you snacking on? What is your go to in the morning?

5 Things All Healthy People Do

I have been in the Instagram / Health & Fitness game for a while now and I think to think I have learned a thing or two. I read a lot of blogs and I am pretty observant. There are some things I have noticed that seem to be common amongst the health and fitness

Starting a Bullet Journal

How I started my Bullet Journal and changed the face of my organisational life! This may seem a little strange as it is the middle of the year but it is never too late to start, or that is what they say! And the beauty of the bullet journal is such that it doesn’t actually

Let’s talk Workout Wear!

I hoard workout wear. I love it. I’m often adding bits and pieces to my collection from new exciting brands and old favourites. Over the years my attitude towards workout wear has changed a lot. In the past my leggings buying motto was ‘the cheaper the better’ and I would pair them with big baggy t-shits.

5 Favourite thing from May

May seems to have passed by in a rainy whirl wind. It marked 3 months exactly until we get married and I hit some big deadlines at work. Blogging had to take a bit of a back seat but I managed to get back on top of my game!  The marshmallow effect – I always

So you want to try Yoga?

I love a bit of yoga and although for a long while I have been a strict pilates girl my love of the flow is creeping back in and i’m building more and more of it into my routine. Warning: this post also contains many pictures of me attempting to look good doing yoga in

Five favourite ways to de-stress

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get home from work and I just feel stressed out. It’s been happening more and more recently and I’ve had to be creative with finding ways to de-stress. Here are my favourite. Have a shower / Bath I am a really bad stress eater. When I’ve had

Let’s Talk about Pilates

I have an ongoing love affair with Pilates. We have been through good times and times when we were more distant but we always come back together and I feel amazing when we are together. I started doing pilates regularly in my first year at university. It was about the only form of exercise I

The Health Bloggers Summit

On saturday April 15th I headed over to East London to attend the Health Bloggers Summit. If you haven’t heard this was an incredible event hosted by the one and only Fab Giovanetti. If you don’t know Fab then let me introduce you. She is the mind behind the Health Bloggers Community, a personal trainer

5 Favourite things from April

April was my birthday and there have been a number of things I have been really loving this month. Some fitness things some random ones. Enjoy! This top from Joules. I love the bees, I love a bretton stripe and I love the silver. I have worn this non-stop since I got it and I

What I got for my Birthday

The first week in April saw me turn 28 and my birthday was celebrated with good friends. Even the weather managed to help me along as the sun came out and we were able to sit in the garden with a cold drink to celebrate. Sitting in the garden didn’t last long but it didn’t matter.

Workout Review | Evolve 353

It has been ages since I reviewed a workout on here. I had a little spate of trying new things but since then I have not branched out into anything particulally spectacular or wild. That was until I tried Evolve! Evolve (353 is the street number) is a lovely welcoming studio in Parsons Green, convieniently

Catching up after a crazy week

The last couple of weeks have been crazy, both with my blog and also with real life. I wanted to sit down and write something about a couple of amazing events that I went to the other week. Going out twice in one week to blogging events made me feel like such a pro! Not just someone

5 Favourite Healthy Handbag Snacks

I am always on the go and I suffer from serious cases of the Hangers! Poor A has spent years suffering these moments and I have finally learned to carry healthy handbag snacks with me everywhere I go to stave these off. Here are some of my favourites. 1. HIPPEAS If you have read my

Spring Cleaning Your workout

It is finally April and Spring is uppon us. The day’s are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. This means it is time to clear out and shake things up! Here are my Favourite 5 tips for spring cleaning your workout. If like me you have been hiding away over the winter, mostly

5 Favourite things from March

I haven’t done a monthly favourites before but I have been really getting into my YouTube recently and this is something I have really loved watching. So i have stolen the idea and combined the monthly favourite things for march with my 5 favourite style post and come up with a hybrid. My 5 favourite things

An Interview with Laura Murray

I’ve been following Laura on social media for ages. I’m constantly inspired by her motivation to work out (there is a lot of 6am Barry’s classes going down on her insta!) and her ability to run. I’m truly inspired by anyone who runs like a gazelle because I’m more of an uncoordinated tortoise.. but I

5 Favourite Youtubers

It has been ages since I last wrote a 5 favourites post so I thought it was about time! I never used to watch Youtube. I would always marvel at A and wonder how on earth he could loose hours watching video after video. However things have changed and I have recently discovered the pleasure in

Let’s talk about fads baby…

Let’s talk about fads, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be I apologise for that little outburst of a Salt-n-pepper classic! Let me get to the point. Everywhere you look online, in the newspapers and on social media someone is telling

The about me tag!

So this is usually a you tube thing but I thought I would use my little corner of the World Wide Web to interview myself! So here are my answers to the About me tag! What is your middle name?  I have two – Fiona and Louise What is your favorite colour? To wear or in

New Year New Gut..

From the middle of October last year I have been suffering from bloating and abdominal cramps. In other words my gut has not been happy. I’m not sure why exactly but I have some ideas. So I have been doing some research and reading as to what may have caused it. I’ll enlighten you too! 

Reflecting on 2016

I have been trawling back through my blog posts this year. It started out with me looking for my new years resolutions from last year as a starting point for this reflection, but ended with me reliving some the amazing experiences I have had, and written about. I wrote 3 blog posts in January about

A Different Approach to January

January 1st 2017 marks the annual new years resolutions made by many. Getting fit and loosing weight are the most popular. Others will say they are ‘getting back on track’  or ‘I need to undo the Christmas indulgence’. Well this January I would like to offer you a different perspective. A more balanced one that I

Bloggers Block

Bloggers Block I have not sat down and written a blog post for an exceedingly long time now. I think part of that is to do with the fact I work full time as a Speech and Language Therapist and that work has had to come first recently. The other thing is that I have

An Interview with Tally Rye Part 2. Food!

  This week we talk all things food related with the Gorgeous Girl Gainer Tally Rye. This fabulous fitness sensation makes a mean Omlette and an even more delicious looking bowl of Zoats! Your life is crazy busy. You’re on the go all the time. What are your favourite things to meal prep? I don’t

Stop feeling guilty

Stop Feeling Guilty. This post by Women’s Health went around Instagram recently.   I think this is such an important message. We have all been there and all felt guilty about things we have eaten. Possibly more often than we should. If you’re like me it can happen on a regular basis, in fact every time we reach

A Week with my Workouts!

A Week in my Workouts Laying on the sofa today I realised that recently I have been posting more and more post workout selfies on the old instagram however I do not often share the contents or what I have done. Therefore I would like to share with you what an average week of workouts looks like

5 favourite recipe books 

I have been a terrible blogger recently and I haven’t managed to post anything in ages, I also haven’t done a five favourite posts in a really long time, so I thought I would write one today! People collect all sorts of things, jugs, stamps, tattoos! I seem to have a budding collection of recipe books, I have

Design your own leggings with Leggings Studio

Recently the lovely ladies at Player Layer invited me to design my own leggings with their new Leggings Studio. The leggings studio is a place where women can design, customise and print their own personalised leggings.  The Leggings Studio started as a fitness group for women in the Player Layer office. These women  had a passion for sport

5 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

Sleep is something that has been avoiding me recently. I have been battling to get to sleep and waking up in the night, then when it comes to morning i’m dipping my toes out the duvet into the cold (i’m pretty stingy with the heating!) wishing I’d had a better nights sleep. Remember that feeling

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp. There are currently two locations in London, Central which is opposite Euston Station and where I went and East which is in between Moorgate and Old street. What they say: ‘Our signature hour-long workouts include 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25-30 minutes of strength training utilizing free weights, resistance bands,

Wholefoods Haul

Today I took a little trip to Wholefoods in Fulham. I don’t usually go to Wholefoods because I get way to excited about all the amazing products and fresh produce, my bank balance doesn’t like it so much. Today though I went in for 2 things and to see if they had a third. I


I have to admit I have been feeling a little run down recently. I don’t really know why. I have a number of theories including not having any time off work since the summer, having a jam packed schedule with all the christmas events. Either way my body is telling me it needs some R&R and

Mindful Chef Review

Couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent box of goodies from the lovely people at Mindful Chef. This contained all the supplies I would need to make 3 healthy paleo meals at home. Who are Mindful Chef? They are a  new British company who believe like many of us that what you

Sprouted grains

I have been asked a number of times on my Instagram page what the benefits of sprouted oats are. If you follow me then you will know that I use Rude Health sprouted oats when making my porridge and in other cooking. Below are the reasons why. 1. Sprouted grains are easier for your body

Keeping your grains whole

Oats and brown rice are 2 examples of whole grains. We are always told they are good for us but I wanted to find out exactly why. Whole grains are really nutritious, they contain; fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. A significant part of the Mediterranean diet is comprised of whole grains and we

Lottie Murphy’s The Body Event

Lottie Murphy. The body six3nine Covent Garden. When I had the opportunity to go to Lottie’s first The Body event I jumped at the chance. She is one of my favourite blogging babes! The event was held at six3nine in Covent Garden. This personal training space is the ultimate playground and it looks totally space age!

Food to Fight sun damage

Summer has well and truly arrived in London. Evenings are being spent with picnics outside and breakfast is happening on the balcony. I love being in the sun but I know my skin does not. After years of abuse not wearing sun screen because I don’t burn easily has taken its tole and I am


Turmeric – It is all over the health and fitness world and its billed to be the answer to all our health problems. What is all the fuss about? I decided to do a little detective work to see what I could find out. Turmeric is related to ginger. It is a component in many curries, giving them